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Capacity is the maximum level of electric power (electricity) that a power plant can supply at a specific point in time under certain conditions.

Generation is a measure of electricity produced over time. Most electric power plants use some of the electricity they produce to operate the power plant.

State Report Card for 2022: Virginia

Overall Grade as determined by the unweighted average of 4-point maximum grades in the four subject areas.

Overall Grade
C (2.18/4)

Resilience against Long-Term Outage as determined by the Ratio of Resilient Nameplate Capacity to State Consumption.

Resilient Nameplate Capacity: The sum of dispatchable resources and resources with sufficient on-site fuel storage. Natural gas plants are only included in this total if they have 2+ pipeline connections, or if they have an alternative energy source they can switch to.

State Consumption: The sum of electricity sales by utilities for the selected year.

$$\frac{Resilient\;Natural\;Gas+Nuclear+Hydro+Pumped\;Storage+Geothermal+Petroleum+Coal}{ State\;Electricity\;Consumption}$$

D (37th)

Carbon Intensity of generation plants, which is the Sum of Carbon Emissions divided by the Electricity Generation.

Carbon Intensity: Determined by multiplying fuel-specific carbon emissions per mmBTU and the thermal output associated with that fuel.

$$\frac{\sum_{Fuel} (CO_2\;Factor* Thermal\;Output) }{Generation}$$

Carbon Intensity
B (14th)

Reliability as determined by SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index)

SAIDI: The Sum of all Customer Outages in minutes over the total number of customers served.

$$\frac{\sum Outages}{\sum Customers}$$

D- (45th)

Electricity Cost as determined by the Average Price per Kilowatt Hour for electricity sales within the state.

Electricity Cost
A (22nd)

Virginia Overall Ranking

States Shaded by Overall Rank — 2022

Grade Report Selection

States are graded for each category, with first earning 100%, last earning 50%, and grades distributed in between according to the following scale.

A 90%-100%
B 80%-90%
C 70%-80%
D 60%-70%
F <60%

State Overall Grades — 2022

Data compiled using information from EIA Form 860, Form 861, Form 923, the EIA API, EPA Pollution Data, and the Census Bureau

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